Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Black and white. The anti-colorblocking. Can't go wrong with either of those colors.

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I saw this crop top at Top Shop and loved it! However, it was $44. No good. So I just made my own for only $9.

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People always ask me why don't I sell the clothes I make. Well for one: I'm still learning. And second: author and writer Austin Kleon once said you should always have one hobby or love that you don't make any money from. An art that keeps you sane and bubbling with inspiration. Making clothes is that for me. I do just for fun. I mean, yes I make things for friends or give them items I've made that suit them better but it's purely for fun.

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But hey, maybe in the future.

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The top I made was really easy. First, I found this great fabric at District Fabric in Fremont. I used another crop top I already know for the frame of this shirt. Traced it and cut around. Simple, easy, guttersnipe.

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Shoes (Nordstrom Rack) Calvin Klein x Pants (Top Shop)
Shirt (guttersnipe DIY) x sweater (hand-me-down)
Jacket (H&M) $15 x necklace (forever 21)

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