Friday, October 24, 2014

the GIRL project

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So I started this little social media experiment/online art instillation that I've been calling "the GIRL project." It's really simple actually. Nothing too wordily or big. My whole inspiration came from the Pharrell Williams's GIRL album cover controversy. (MTV article here and Huffington Post here)

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To break it down; many expressed disapproval and/or angry that the album cover "didn't" feature a black woman. Pharrell shortly after came out with a statement saying that the girl closest to him is indeed black. Just light skin.

The debate really got my attention. I can understand where fans and Pharrell were both coming from. And being a fan of the album I realized that the whole project in itself is a celebration of women. All types! Black, white, Asian, tall, short, big, little, Marilyn Monroe's to Cleopatra's. (Of course making reference to this song) He explains his opinion on the whole meaning in this video "Dear GIRL"

Which then got me thinking. Being a feminist, an artist, a fan of my gender, and a strong believer of this message (that women come from all walks of life) I straight up started adding the word GIRL on photos of different women.

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I started with celebrities because it seemed the easiest and most tangible. Then slowly realizing that using a social media platform like Instagram makes more sense. And really, what showcases the modern girl today better then her Instagram account. Which in itself is just a window into her life. A sometimes vague and well edited depiction but still a view none the less.

Not to mention - Instagram is so interested in the sense of what we choose to post. But that's a whole another post!

Some of the girls I know personally, others I am just fans of and follow. They range from writers, bloggers, poets, musicians, fashionistas, Instagram famous ladies, to your girl next door. Which I then  posted via my tumblr. (or just searching the tag itself: the GIRL project click here)

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I mean this isn't groundbreaking to say the least but something I am doing and wanted to share. Wanted to express my reasoning on why I was doing this. Not to mention I haven't posted in awhile so... yeah.

Well! There you have it. Enjoy & hopefully share.

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