Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Aaah. Bring it back, right quick.

Oh hey! Miss a guttersnipe?! Haha.

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I am straight LA living but home for a few days to soak up the fall. Yes people the fall. I really love being in LA and living there but damn this Seattle girls needs her gloom and doom. Her rain and leaves. So I am here getting all of that and man it feels AMAZING!

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I am trying to figure out a way to post more outfits when I am down there but really I just don't have the time. But make sure to follow me on my twitter and Instagram for all the juiciest moments.

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You know I had to bring it back to a classic look. My skin tight american apparel, tatty devine name necklace, dope tshirt  and my Penny Lane "fur jacket."

And yes - my shirt is my new motto.

 photo bringitbackrealquick_zps19bea24e.jpg

**Beyonce was not built in a day**
Shoes (converse) x pants (American Apparel)
Tees in the Trap (BEYONCE)

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