Wednesday, November 5, 2014

another one. on top of that

LAYERS! I miss wearing layers. One right after the other, after the other.

Fall is my time of year. And being able to have it for the past few days has been a dream. Ugh. I miss it.

Rain, coffee, beanies, layers, bright lipstick, layers, cold, layers. Love.

 photo IMG_8103_zps629053b3.jpg  photo IMG_8104_zps48d5946c.jpg 

Headed to dye my hair. What color now... Wait and find out.

 photo IMG_8085_zpsc5310d22.jpg  photo IMG_8095_zps9d2f7365.jpg  photo IMG_8099_zpsebef2aea.jpg  photo IMG_8100_zps01542646.jpg  photo IMG_8101_zpsc27f699a.jpg  photo IMG_8102_zpsc1bd9968.jpg  photo anotherontop_zps591cfc8c.jpg

Nike x Leggings (Target)
Tank Top (H&M) x sweater (Pipe + Row)
Beanie (Goodwill)

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