Monday, November 10, 2014

5 Things I am in love with... right now

5. How to Get Away with Murder
Scandal has been my show for awhile but really it's jumped the shark. With that said I am a huge How to Get Away with Murder fan! It's creepy, drama filled, and Viola Davis is such a badass. Not to mention Dean from the Harry Potter movies grew up to be such a fine ass.
 photo How-to-Get-Away-With-Murder-how-to-get-away-with-murder-37620551-3500-2254_zps67da960f.jpg
 photo alfred-enoch-how-to-get-away-with-murder-harry-potter-dean-thomas_zps55cee7c8.jpg

4. Willow Smith
She first won me other with her King Krule cover of "Easy, Easy" and since then has just kept getting better and better.

3. Grey Hair
Newest hair dying adventure. Red, blue, purple, green, now grey.
 photo 10306642_384952774995107_964535226322665712_n_zps33170c7f.jpg

2. Kendrick Lamar
Is a god. I know that is creating false idols but truly he is my favorite artist. He is so talented, brilliant, quick, cute, and his music never disappoints. "i" has been on my soundtrack while living in LA. You can't help but A.) Want to dance upon hearing with and B.) Smile.

1. septum piercing
My mom hates it.
    photo 10731196_10152448395055778_2513417666866567917_n_zps6fca3a72.jpg 

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