Monday, November 17, 2014

1st attempt

LA living. Still. I wasn't sure how I was going to post pics because I didn't have the same set up. While here is my first try. Excuse my messy room. But whatever right?

 photo IMG_8130_zps769891cf.jpg  photo IMG_8132_zps8e8861b7.jpg 

You came here for the fashion. (Oh god! I hope you did at least...)

 photo IMG_8115_zps950f16d4.jpg  photo IMG_8119_zpsfab971e7.jpg 

 photo IMG_8133_zps1183655f.jpg  photo IMG_8134_zpsa15a287f.jpg

 photo IMG_8123_zps73e38e7a.jpg  photo IMG_8127_zpsdad628dd.jpg

Timberlands x Jeans (Goodwill) $12
Shirt (Alexander Wang Tee - Salvation Army) $7
"kimono" thing (TopShop) $10 

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