Tuesday, January 6, 2015

fail safe.

Well! Been awhile. I mean a lot has happened.

First off - Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a safe & fun New Years. This was the first one I did not spend in Seattle. I ducked out of the 206 right after Christmas to ring in the New Year in Los Angeles. It was fun! Simple and not too wild, but a good old time.

  photo IMG_8545_zps5950b7cf.jpg  photo IMG_8546_zps83afb13f.jpg 

I also missed my guttersnipe anniversary of this blog. Queen of the Guttersnipes is FIVE YEARS OLD! This shit is cray too me. I mean I know I have been on top of it as I have in the passed but I can't think of anything I have stuck out for five years. I mean shoot! My longest relationship is two & half years. No matter what - I am very proud of myself. Way to go blog, happy belated birthday!

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Not only is it 2015 (which is so fucking weird) I have blue hair now. If you follow me on Instagram you would know that. Loving the blueberry life.

Everything else is going. Keep my head above water, taking things as the come, stay positive, writing, being active, being silly, and doing me. Hope y'all do that same. xo.

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 photo IMG_8547_zpsee5c7f39.jpg  photo IMG_8548_zps8f8785c6.jpg  photo IMG_8551_zps58df9a10.jpg  photo IMG_8552_zpsd2caa536.jpg photo IMG_8534_zpsa91d7612.jpg  photo IMG_8535_zpsf308a477.jpg 

Shoes (Timberlands) x Pants (American Apparel)
Shirt (Gap) x Jacket (TopShop Men)
Necklace (Melrose Flea Market)

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