Friday, April 29, 2011

2011 Seattle Poetry Slam Grand SLAM!

Yes yes all! Next week is the 2011 Seattle Poetry Slam Grand SLAM!

Just so it sticks: 2011 Seattle Poetry Slam Grand SLAM!

On May 6th, come to Town Hall in Seattle to get your socks knocked off, just so you can roll them back up and get them knocked off again, again and again. The best of the best will come and compete with their delightful, heartfelt, passionate, wild & crazy poetry to earn a spot on the 2011 Seattle Adult Poetry Team.

Here's a strange fact: I will competing. Yes. I will be one of the 8 poets duking it out Gladiator style at Town Hall on May 6th at 7:30 PM. But don't come because of me, in fact come because it's an amazing (youth-friendly) event.

Support local art, support local poets, support the word. (How more cliche and cheesy can I get?!)

Come May 6th and find out...

For more information about the event check out this facebook event.
For tickets please click here.

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