Saturday, May 14, 2011

day & night

All hell has broken loose! One of my best friends j.mena is in town. When we are together things can get a bit crazy. And last night was no different.

(But first, this is the first "day & night" post and I think I am going to try to keep up with it...)

Anywho, last night my friend was having a live house show and asked me to film it, so I make it into a promo music video. Of course! Live band, dancing, a party, and get to one of my favorite things film. How could I pass that?

shirt (Nordstorm Rack) $12.00
black shorts (Goodwill) $3.00
belt (hand-me-down: my mother's)
tights (Nordstorm Rack) $4.00
Earrings (DIY Hoop earrings)

Corset (Red Light) $14.00
Jean Jacket (borrowed from j.mena)
*same belt, shorts, shoes, earrings, & tights

And how could I not add this:

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