Wednesday, July 20, 2011

8 Day Closet Challenge & More.

During some of my tumblr/web surfing I came across this "8 Day Closet Challenge." It seemed like fun and thought it would be a cool way to show you guys a little more of my closet and clothes.

Day 1: Post a Picture of Your Closet

It's extremely messy and loud but I love it! Just the way I like it :)

In other news: Brave New Voices is the world's largest youth poetry slam. It happens once a year. It use to be the high light of my year. But sadly this is the first time in 5 years I am not going. It breaks my heart because it's truly one of the BEST events ever!

But the show must go on without me and I will try my hardest to distract myself. For example... today's outfit:

shoes - (gift for helping a friend move)
shorts - (Goodwill Men's Section) $2.00
Belt - Freebie
White tank top - (Hansen's pack 4 for $5.00)
Blazer - (Value Village) $6.50
Watch Necklace - (Goodwill) $1.99

Although I am not among my closest friends at BNV and enjoying amazing poetry I still have a lot of things to be happy about up here in Seattle. For example: IT'S SUNNY TODAY! This summer has been pretty half ass. Hopefully things are getting brighter. (pun intended)

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