Monday, July 11, 2011

Simple Rosie

To be honest, I love "simple" fashion. (Other things in my life, I can get a little more complex.) Of course I love avant-garde and like to dress a little wild every once in awhile. But I personal think my favorite outfits are the ones where I just throw it on, made it work. Fashion is a form of express, a way to explain who you are without having to say anything, it's wearable art.

With that said sometimes the best outfits are simple ones.

Black Flats - (Target) $8.00
Jeans - (Goodwill) $6.00
Belt - (H&M) $4.00
Tank Top - (H&M) $4.00
Cardigan - (Freebie)
Necklace - (Target) $1.99
Bandana - (Dollar Store) $1.00

I feel like (the sober) Amy Winehouse meets a little sassy Rosie Riveter. I person LOVE 1950's fashion so I was kind of aiming for that, with an modern twist of course. Now some music...

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