Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer Adventures

To be honest, I wasn't that excited about this summer. A lot of my friends are out town, I thought I was going to be working for most of it, not having enough money and the weather has been crappy.

However, it's slowly coming around. I am starting to get in the swing of things. I am starting to actually have Summer Adventures. Doing the random things on my list, hanging out with new people, taking part in events that will later on become cool stories to tell or look back upon.... OK.

Maybe I am just a big nerd and I am the only one who thinks like that. I am just nostalgic like that.

I am also, just a really big kid:

Coloring at Beth's for a 2:00 AM breakfast.

shoes - Jordan's Retor 1s
shorts - (Salvation Army) $2.50
shirt - (ex-boyfriend's shirt I cut into a crop top :) Freebie
cardigan - (Dumpster Diving) Freebie
Necklace - (Goodwill) $1.99

No adventures better than an Indiana Jones one.

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