Wednesday, August 24, 2011

NYLON Challenge: It's in the Jeans.

*Since this is my second challenge, I am still working on the tiny details of how I want to present it so bare with me! Thanks :)

Here is my latest NYLON Challenge. In the August 2011 issue they highlight that color jeans are making a comeback. Of course the prices are ridiculously too much for little old me, so I set out to Goodwill in Shoreline and found some great color jeans for a fraction of the price.

Top Three Prices: (Teal) $4.50 (Purple) $3.00 (Orange) $5.00
Bottom Pants Prices: (Red) $2.00 (Powder Blue) $2.50 (Yellow) $6.00

I will admit, it's really hard to find good jeans when your thrifting. But if you set aside time and truly dedicate yourself, you can find some amazing pairs that will be cheap and extremely fashionable.

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