Sunday, August 28, 2011

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The gig last night was incredible! I mean all I did was hang out, make s'mores, teach people how to cook hot dogs over a fire and dance. There was a live band and a DJ, you know just playing music in the woods. The show was sponsored by Jansport and Vice Magazine so I was able to meet some really cool and awesome people. Such a great Saturday night.

But of course, I am so tired this morning. I had to wake up to go to a dear friend's baby shower then head to my sister's place.

Now as promised here are some photos from last night's fiasco (I couldn't take many because I was working):

Now to relaxe:

shoes - (Nordstorm Rack) $25.00
pants - (that I cut into shorts from: deseret industries) $2.00
sweater - (st. vincent de paul) $3.00
belt - (H&M) $4.00
necklace - (Target) $1.99

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