Saturday, October 29, 2011

Nylon Challenge: Sweaters Weather

Aaaah! It's that time of year to get really cozy and cuddle up with a love one (or a sweater!) Now this "Nylon Challenge" is actually from Teen Vogue. The November issue of the magazine highlight sweater fashion. How big baggy sweaters are double up as a dress, how cord knit sweaters are back in, and of course where to find these sweaters for ridiculous prices.

I mean let's be honest for a minute. 2nd hand stores and places like Goodwill were MADE for sweaters. Trust me, you'll find the best sweaters. For example:

a. $5.99 b. $7.00 c. $4.99
d. $3.99 e. $3.00 f. $8.99

g. $6.50 h. $3.00 i. $3.99

Salvation Army:
a. $5.69 b. $4.99 c. $7.89
d. $2.99 e. $4.49 f. $5.85

Secrets Sweater Shopping Tip: The best secret is go at the end of the month to shop at Salvation Army because most likely everything is 50%. Also if you want an oversized sweater look to the men's section. They might be a little more money but they have way cooler designs. I am talking about REAL Bill Cosby sweaters.

ALSO: I am going to be in New York for a poetry show and for my birthday (Halloween)! I will take as many pictures as I can. I will update my twitter and the GUTTERSNIPE tumblr.

Side note: I figure out my Halloween costume. I am going to be My Little Pony!

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