Thursday, October 6, 2011

Review From The Gutter: Melrose Trading Post

Firs off: Shout out to my friend Olivia for telling about this gem.

In Los Angeles, every Sunday in the parking lot of the Fairfax High School (on the corner of Melrose & Fairfax) something amazing happens: The Melrose Trading Post.

This blessed flea market is remarkable! It's vendors after vendors of clothes, knick knacks, jewelry, shoes, etc. It's so overwhelming, it will make your head spin.

It does coast $2.00 to get in but once you are inside you can shop to your heart's desire! I do have a few tips:

1.) Bring your own bags.
It's just easier and helps the environment.

2.) Don't buy something right away.
There are so many vendors and booths it's best to shop around before actually purchasing something.

3.) Bargain!
Most booths are willing to work out prices. First ask them what something is worth then see if you can knock it down a few dollars.

4.) Take your time.
This flea market is HUGE! So make sure you sent aside a few hours to go out and really shop.

Now, you know me, I love things at a good price. I am picky about how much something is worth and how much I am willing to pay. So I will be honest, this flea market is a bit pricey compared to what I am use to in Seattle. A lot of the stuff I found were things I've seen at Goodwill/Salvation Army/2nd hand stores etc. Most of the sellers actually shop at places like that and then mark up the items for a profit.

There are a lot of vendors that have hand made customs items which I was more willing to pay more for. It's a one of a kind garment and something someone put some real thought into making special. To me that adds value.

But of course, go check it out yourself. So if you're ever in Los Angeles, go!

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