Saturday, February 11, 2012

Find & Keep

That beautiful rose backpack is from target. I am so deeply in love with it. Also helps that my name is all over it (Literally)

Yesterday I went to my friend Shakir's surprise birthday party then today Salvation Army was having a surprise sale. Everything in the store was 50% off plus $1.00 off for valentine's day. So you know, I am in a good mood.

Today I am working on a new DIY. All I can say is: Gold. And lots of it.

shoes - (Target) $15.00
jeans - (H&M) $7.00
scarf - (gift)
leather jacket - (Salvation Army) $4.00
DIY Hoop Earrings

The leather jacket was $11.31 plus half off plus a dollar off. A total steal. One of my best finds in awhile.

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