Sunday, August 19, 2012

JanSport X Vice Magazine: Bonfire Sessions

As a freelancer, like myself, you get to do really cool awesome odd jobs. My most recent gig was the JanSport Bonfire Sessions show at Bear Creek Studios. I was in charge of food and fun. I posted about it a little bit last year here & here. So excited they asked me to come back and help! By far one of my favorite summer highlights.

This year I was able to bring/hire a friend to help out. So I got my girl Gabby on the job. Here are a few pictures I was able to take and make sure to check out my instagram for the littler moments @missestelle

Butternut Road

This is Rosie & Chewy. BFFs

sugar skull Tattoo 

Of course, wonderful fashion

What's a party without free beer, twinkle lights and oh yeah, body paint?

ALSO big ups to the JanSport people for hooking me and Gabby up with new cool back packs. Gabby, is sporting hers above. And mine is posted below:

Blue everything. PLUS what do you know about sued bottoms?

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