Sunday, August 5, 2012

SEAfair Weekendish


It's Seafair Weekend here in Seattle. For those who don't know what that is... don't worry. You aren't missing much. 

Now here in Seattle there are Seafair lovers and Seafair haters. I am a hater. Why? Because seafair happens in my neighborhood and people are always parked outside my house. It bothers me. 

However! This is the first Seafair in a long time where I've actually been in Seattle to take part in the partying. And hard to believe but I've had a blast. And it keeps getting better. 

My best friend J.mean's old college roommate is in town so we are doing all the cheesy Seattle stuff. Which I love. THEN tonight I get on a plane at 3 AM to go to North Carolina. (So excuse me slacking on post this coming up week... Just a warning)

 photo seafair_weekend_zps4ad86e2e.jpg

rainbow BRIGHT hair today.

Shoes - (Dr martens) $45.00
Jeans - (DIY)
Belt (Salvation Army) $1.00
Shirt (Hand-me-down)
cardigan (DIY)
Necklace (Crossroads) $6.50

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