Monday, October 1, 2012

look better than how you feel

My head feels like a giant ballon. I woke up with the largest head ache and with some serious nasal congestion. I know sounds so sexy doesn't it. But of course, a rule of being a true guttersnipe is too look a million times better than how you feel.

You would surprise how dressing well can make you feel better. Also it helps to smile through it all. I mean, it's a beautiful day. Plus it's finally October! (Only 30 days until my birthday...)

Army Jacket (Army Surplus) $5.00
Tshirt* (#guttersnipe orignal t-shirt)
Shorts (DIY High Waisted Shorts)
Tights (Macy's) $10.00
Earrings (gift from my lovely sister)


  1. how much did your timberlands cost at nordstrom rack ? btw you style is dope

  2. Thank you! They were $85, but mens because I bought them before it became a new trend. Hence, they being so much.