Thursday, November 1, 2012


And so it be begins. My "Jordan Year." Named after one of my personal heros Michael Jordan. Who's lucky number & jersey number was 23. (Get it now?)

(Me. As a "Gold" Digger)

Anyways, yesterday was my birthday and Halloween. I love my birthday. I love Halloween. I hung out with my mom, help her cook, craved pumpkins, made cupcakes, then went out on the town. Last night was wild to say the least. There are no words made yet to describe the wild (excuse my english) shit show that was last night. However! It was my birthday (I made sure I told anyone and everyone. Also DJ shouted me out - Thanks Jay Battle) and I had a blast last night.

Now I don't drink. So I was sober last night. But that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy myself. I actually act like I am drunk because my secret is no one needs to know you are sober. However, I woke up with a killer candy and dancing hang over.

Jean Jacket (Freebie)
Legging (Married To The Mob) Gift from my lovely sister
Shirt (Alive & Well)
Sweater (Topshop)
Shoes (Shoe Dazzle)

I am TOO tired. Halloween may be over but today is still Day of the Dead and I am getting so ready for my next favorite holiday... Christmas Season.

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