Thursday, December 27, 2012

DIY: Car Chain


The internet is a great source of inspiration. I saw this gold lamborghini necklace and posted it on the #guttersnipe tumblr and thought why not just make my own version of it. It's very easy actually. Goes a little something like this...

Toy cars
Spray paint
Gold Chains
Necklace clasp


These toy cars were purchased at Wal-greens for $2.50 each or go to the dollar store and buy them for a dollar. 

Now with spray painting: do it outside, wear clothes you don't care about getting dirty, have newspaper, and wear something to cover your face. You don't have to but it helped me feel more badass. Don't skip the newspapers. It makes cleaning up so much easier.

Make sure you don't spray too close, keep a good distance. If you spray too close it will cause strange dripping marks and will take forever to dry. After a good coat of spray paint, wait for a hour then apply another coat. Wait another hour and apply yet another coat.
 Photobucket  PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket

I sprayed my cars gold and also this cool matted blue color too. 

After spraying a few times, store in a dry space (outside is best) Wait a day, then spray again with one more coat. You want to make sure these cars get a good heavy coat of gold.

Photobucket Photobucket 

Once nice and dry here are TWO ways I figured out attach my cars to chains. (Keep in mind, you can do it HOWEVER you want. These are just some ideas)


Option # 1:
1. Wrap wire around all four tires. Like so.

Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket  

2. Attach a circle clasp to one end of your chain and the necklace link to the other side (Excuse my awful technically terms)

Photobucket Photobucket 

3. Then open the ring clasp to attach around one side of the wire and one side of the car, in this case the front. The back wire will be used for the necklace link to be able to put the necklace on and off.


4. Now you wear it & share it!


Option # 2:
1. Taking a circle clasp, open then and link then around the front two wheels of your car.


2. This one is a bit tricky because you need slightly bigger circle clasp. Ones that larger then the wheels so they are easy to clip on too.

3. Now you get to do it. Wear it & Share it.


There you have it! Super easy and I'll be honest a whole lot of fun. Warning though: Once you start spray painting something gold you are going to want to spray paint EVERYTHING you own gold. I say go ahead. It's like leopard print; a lifestyle.

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