Wednesday, December 26, 2012

so, what's going on here?

First off I hope everyone had a lovely and beautiful Christmas! It was a very small get together at my house but I loved it. It was prefect. Plus we had crab for dinner. How could a girl complain?

After dinner with my family, I went to the bar with my friends. We started this "orphan" tradition where we meet up afterwards and be with each other. Great way to unwind from the sometimes hectic moments at Christmas. When I got home last night I fell asleep watching Flashdance (I had never seen it before) and woke up to wear this git up.


When my mom saw me she said she loved my look but thought that there was just a lot going on in just one outfit.

But it's the really why I like it. I blame the hang over of holiday cheer and the watching of Flashdance.

Photobucket Photobucket  

I feel like Penny Lane from Almost Famous in this jacket.


Shoes (gift) x leg warmers (x-mas gift last year)
Leggings (Target) $7.00 x Necklace (Target) $9.00
Shirt (stole it from an ex-boyfriend & cut it)
Jacket (Miss KL by UNIF) X-mas gift from my fantastic and SUPER styling mother

I am so in love with this jacket! I mean I wore it all day yesterday and all day today. Someone said it was a great jacket last night and I told them "Oh, well leopard print is my signature color." They looked at me like I was crazy. Because clearly they don't know.

Wearing leopard print is a lifestyle. A heavy fashion responsibility. You got to repp it right.

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