Tuesday, February 19, 2013

fancy (sweat)pants

I did a lot of CRAZY shopping while I was on tour. I mean I was in New York, Boston, DC. How could I not? But don't worry; I didn't come home broke.

 photo photo-1_zps1764724c.png

I bought some fancy "sweatpants" at Topshop. Now, Topshop is super pricey but damn, I love it! I am a guttersnipe, always will be but you know sometimes you just go to Treat Yo Self.

 photo IMG_6415_zps47e81d03.jpg  photo IMG_6414_zps2fe3b11c.jpg

 photo IMG_6395_zps040fa8e4.jpg photo IMG_6402_zps1cd74ff7.jpg

 photo IMG_6419_zps457fc0dc.jpg photo IMG_6416_zpsf2c8fa5b.jpg

 photo fancy_sweatpants_guttersnipe_zpsda1f4629.jpg

Hoodie (H&M) $20.00
Keith Haring x Obey (MAVEN - Burlington, VT) sale $18.00
fancy sweatpants (Topshop) $32.00
Stussy Beanie (Freebie - became friends with the guy who worked at Common Wealth in DC and he hooked me up)

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