Wednesday, March 6, 2013

back at this again

 photo IMG_6785_zpsb2cbf56e.jpg

Another jam packed day. Another outfit that goes with.

 photo IMG_6809_zpse64cdb63.jpg

And like the true guttersnipe that I am, I know for a fact I've wore something very similar to this. But whatever. I can pull it off.

(Truly anyone can)

 photo IMG_6789_zpsd48e903d.jpg photo IMG_6790_zps023a3c6f.jpg photo IMG_6792_zpseca226c9.jpg photo IMG_6797_zpsae4ec86e.jpg  

 photo backatthis_zpsf34e0d52.jpg

shoes - NRML (Ottawa, Canada) 
Leggings - (American Apparel) $16.00
Shirt - (Salvation Army) $0.99
Hoodie (H&M) $20.00
Army Jacket - $5.00
scarf - (gift)

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