Monday, March 4, 2013

run around/dance around

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Awe! My moment of zen. I get to take a moment. I had such a busy but great day.

First off; it was a beautiful early spring day in Seattle. Still cold but sunny.

I woke up super early for a meeting with a client, then lunch with a dear friend (where I got the yummiest pho!) took my mom to the doctors, ran some errands for a show I have tomorrow and then headed to dance rehearsal. So I need an outfit to work for all these things.

Now if you ever wonder why people wear leggings as pants one reason is for people like m who are always on the go. And I don't want to feel restricted by REAL pants.

 photo IMG_6712_zps57431a1a.jpg  photo IMG_6717_zpsb2c389e4.jpg 

This outfit above is what I wore for dance practice subtract the timberlands. The shoes I wore are my busted but lovely retro jordan ones (post above) with my amazing gym bag my old friend shelby got me from the goodwill outlet. So she paid like a nickel for it.

 photo IMG_6746_zps4a249666.jpg  photo IMG_6747_zps457d39c1.jpg  photo IMG_6748_zps43b94ea8.jpg  photo IMG_6754_zpsac55abae.jpg 

And this was what I wore the rest of the day. See what I did, made it easy to change.

 photo dance_dance_zps48bc57bf.jpg

Leggings (Target) $9.00
Button Up (TopShop - Men) $24.00
Hoodie (H&M) $20.00
Jacket (Army Surplus) $5.00

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