Monday, June 3, 2013

.... or something of that nature

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What can I tell you other than I've been very inspired lately?

It's funny how a song, or a movie, a lyric, a poem, a picture, or moment can truly kick start your creative juices. Maybe it's the rush of summer. The weather, the sun, the idea of pure freedom. Whatever it is, I need more of it.

It could be this awesome book I was recommend to read called "One Hundred Demons" by Lynda Barry. A strange graphic novel/comic/book/memoir. I can't put it in one box because it's so out of the box.

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I am trying to blog more (write about my life & fashion & shit) and I am trying not sound to sound like a total lush right now but I am in such a good mood, I bet a lot of you would find it sickening or cheesy if I went into anymore details, so fuck it! On to the fashion...

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Nike Sneakers
Tights (I got them at some strange vintage store in Berkeley, Cali for $10.00)
Jean Shorts (DIY Jean Shorts)
T-shirt (H&M) $7.00
Necklace (Goodwill) $1.00

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