Tuesday, June 4, 2013

"we're having a heat wave"

It's going to be in the high 70's almost 80 here in Seattle.

Now I own a lot of dresses but I am not really a dress girl. I think I am bad at styling them or I just always want to pair them with sneakers. But who gives a fuck right? Why not.

I am a guttersnipe. Who's socks never match. A fact, you must know about me darling. 

 photo IMG_1261_zps33872e96.jpg photo IMG_1227_zpse4941bd3.jpg

 photo IMG_1262_zps2de5083a.jpg photo IMG_1263_zps35a46d98.jpg  photo IMG_1266_zps173ffbc1.jpg photo IMG_1267_zps06c7a027.jpg 

 photo IMG_1272_zpsaf2cae46.jpg photo IMG_1285_zpsb8f4b33c.jpg 

 photo IMG_1268_zps5f9b79fa.jpg photo IMG_1269_zps0e869875.jpg 

 photo heatwave_guttersnipe_zps41fe2faf.jpg 

Jean Dress (St. Vincent De Paul) $4.50
Necklace (Goodwill) $7.00
Army Jacket (Army Surplus) $5.00

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