Wednesday, September 18, 2013

2013 Fall Essentials

Since summer technically ends this weekend it means it's that time again! I did it last year and here is my list for this year.

Door knocker earrings
(Of course) But this time I upgraded to a pair of chucky gold lions from Nasty Gal.
 photo IMG_2731_zpsb1b4e1c2.jpg

Knit Leggings
My favorite leggings from Target but in a new cable knit style. Super comfy, super cute!

 photo IMG_2728_zps20edd60e.jpg

Eucerin Lotion
I have bad eczema, mostly on my hands but cold weather doesn't help. It dries it out even more. But Eucerin (super rich) lotion is ideal!

EOS lip balm
On the topic of fall being a chilly time that also means cracked and chapped lips. No one likes that! Eos lip gloss is my favorite right now. Although it's a bit pricy look out for them on sale at drug stores or Target.

 photo IMG_2729_zpsa74bc53c.jpg photo IMG_2758_zps1faa7544.jpg

Big sweaters/hoodies
I am stealing "borrowing" them mostly from my boyfriend. A big crew neck, leggings, a statement necklace, and a pair of sneakers is an ideal fall uniform.
 photo IMG_2805_zps13d796e9.jpg photo IMG_2804_zps57c21830.jpg

And all that note; every girl needs a reliable pair of kicks.
 photo IMG_2808_zps5779d410.jpg

Messy fish tale
You know for the days you don't know what to do with your mane.
 photo IMG_2795_zps94a109c6.jpg

Chai Tea
Ideal for the fall season. My mother's friend makes his own mix, so all I do is add the spices to water and sugar, let it boil for an hour (makes the whole house smell good!) then store it in the fridge.
 photo IMG_2733_zpsb0b5c1cf.jpg

Army Jacket
I just love my army jacket. It coast 5 bucks and is just a great style piece to vamp up any look.

Soft Pink Lipstick
Red lipstick will always be my go to color but a soft pink, almost nude lip is ideal for a little something extra in the day time. Very subtle and not too over the lop. My favorite is "Princess" by Covergirl Lipslicks  
 photo IMG_2807_zpsdc8691ac.jpg photo IMG_2792_zps47ea90a0.jpg

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