Sunday, September 15, 2013

DIY: striped jeans x Phillip Lim for Target

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I was cleaning out my closet (which is so hard to do! I don't want to get rid of anything) and I came across a great pair of black jeans. I own way too many black pair of jeans, but this pair fits so nice! I can't get rid of them. So I thought why not just enhance them.

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For this DIY all you need is a pair of jeans (any color/any style) painter's blue tape, and fabric paint (any color)
 photo IMG_2684_zps89658b11.jpg

1. Lay the pants down and make blocks with the painter's taping, wrapping it around the front and back.
 photo IMG_2685_zps634359e4.jpg

2. Then paint. Wait for it to dry paint the back. Then repeat for second and third layer of paint.
 photo IMG_2688_zps0ac457e4.jpg photo IMG_2690_zpsecbfa23f.jpg

3. Now using the painter's tape again to make a smaller block or tinier striper. You don't need to do this, you can come up with your design!
 photo IMG_2692_zpscabe816a.jpg photo IMG_2694_zps1daf2d57.jpg

4. And of course; wear it & share it.

 photo IMG_2695_zps330c565d.jpg

These jeans go perfectly with my new Phillip Lim for Target tank top.

 photo IMG_2727_zps06511cdf.jpg
 photo IMG_2697_zps27433864.jpg photo IMG_2713_zpsb9cc75ec.jpg 

Now in all honesty; I was kind of disappointed by the collection up close and personal. It wasn't the best quality, I was low key bummed. I did pick of 3 items I did like which was pictured below. The pursers were the best thing about the collection and they were of course too much for my budget but more importantly sold out. 

 photo IMG_2722_zpscafbbd9e.jpg  photo IMG_2723_zps3b551975.jpg  photo IMG_2724_zps9ba2f840.jpg

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