Monday, September 16, 2013

just a fill in

Working on another list of fall essentials for 2013. Until then there's this post.

 photo IMG_2749_zps2b349822.jpg photo IMG_2750_zps5946eac1.jpg 

Wore this on Football Sunday. My boyfriend has realized or taken upon himself to think I dyed my hair in honor of the Seahawks. Sure... Let's go with that.

On the other hand; Seattle has been experiencing some late summer thunder storms. Layering up!

 photo IMG_2754_zps3435f9fd.jpg photo IMG_2755_zps974786e8.jpg  photo IMG_2756_zps5d75421a.jpg photo IMG_2757_zps9cb492c5.jpg  photo fillin_guttersnipe_zps7b340ad4.jpg

Leggings (Target) $8.00 x Jacket (Love City Love -Pop Up Shop) $20.00
Hoodie (American Apparel) $20.00 x Shirt (Target - Phillip Lim Collection)
Earrings (Sally's Beauty Supply)

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