Sunday, September 8, 2013

Guttersnipe's: 2013 Fall Fashion Trends

#NYFW is in full swing. Although it's you can check your tumblr, twitter, and instagram for updates which is great! But it also just makes me want to go so badly. For the time being here our my favorite fashion trends.

Emeralds Green
Pantone named this the top color for 2013 and it's popping up everywhere.

 photo hbz-nyfw-fw13-04-Green-Movement-09-St-John-lgn_zps99c09a2d.jpg  photo hbz-nyfw-fw13-04-Green-Movement-02-Reed-Krakoff-lgn_zpsf4e8c173.jpg

Gray scale
Whether it's fashionable sweatpants of a great heavy coat it's showing up in all the best collections. H&M's new fall line and the Phillip Lim Target collection.
 photo hbz-nyfw-fw13-01-50-shades-of-grey-trend-07-Phillip-Lim-lgn_zps30c13000.jpg  photo hbz-nyfw-fw13-01-50-shades-of-grey-trend-04-Schouler-lgn_zpsc43952bd.jpg

I am all about ladies sporting men's fashion. So tailor it to me. Please.
 photo hbz-nyfw-fw13-5-Tuxedo-Dressing-07-peter-som-lgn_zps4e305704.jpg  photo hbz-nyfw-fw13-5-Tuxedo-Dressing-02-Victoria-Beckham-lgn_zps89153ef7.jpg

It's been around for awhile, it's not a staple piece anymore. It's pretty much the new black.

 photo hbz-nyfw-fw13-02-Street-Wise-02-Calvin-Klein-lgn_zpse0215da7.jpg  photo hbz-nyfw-fw13-02-Street-Wise-08-Lacoste-lgn_zpsb0f40bae.jpg

I am a fan of 90s fashion (overalls are just one example) and velvet screams that.
   photo o-VELVET-570_zpsbac000b3.jpg

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