Monday, September 23, 2013

when feeling (pretty) lame

I pretty sure almost everyone I know has one of those days (or even months) where they feel as though they are doing nothing with their lives. Which is a pretty ridiculous thought because being alive is actually doing something. But you get what I am saying.

When I start to feel that way or begin to get too hard on myself about things; I remember how much writing helps. Cheesy, but true! It doesn't matter whether it's blogging, working on a poem, writing down a funny conversation I over heard or making silly lists. Once I do it I feel much better.

 photo IMG_2854_zpsc13eaf66.jpg photo IMG_2858_zps24094843.jpg 

Try it out. See if it helps.

Just a random share. But better yet onto the fashion!

 photo IMG_2828_zpsa415c385.jpg photo IMG_2848_zps88d98274.jpg 

Ever since I dyed my hair green I see it everywhere! And ain't mad about it. Green hair taking over things. Clearly.

 photo IMG_2849_zps143434b7.jpg  photo IMG_2853_zps0c4e0cc4.jpg  photo IMG_2859_zpseee729a7.jpg  photo IMG_2860_zps71349160.jpg  photo prettylame_zps3d66619f.jpg

*Had to pull out my gold shoes. Hadn't wore them in awhile. Oh how I missed them. Also this jacket makes me channel Penny Lame from "Almost Famous" but subtract being a band-aid.

Gold Shoes (Nordstrom Rack) x J. Brand Jeans (hand-me-down from my sister)
Shirt (Salvation Army - cut the neck) $3.50 x Jacket (pop up shop) $20.00
Necklace (goodwill) $1.00

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