Sunday, October 6, 2013

sew again

I have found myself in yet another a closet funk.

 photo DIY-1_zps585015d5.jpg

It's gotten so bad I cleaned out my closet, nearly cutting my content into half. I am either selling items or donating them to Goodwill (Let's hope I don't re-buy any items. A truly embarrassing mishap for a guttersnipe like myself.)

Surprising the fall clean out has helped out a lot but I haven't had time or inspiration to style any posts. So, sorry folks!

However, for those who follow my Instagram know that I've been adding new pieces to my closet by making them myself. I've turned my old bedroom into my studio and all it takes is putting an episode of Project Runway on.

  photo DIY_zpsa2db2bf8.jpg

I've been trolling the good old internet for some future DIYs. I've realized there are a lot items that coast ridiculous amounts of money that can easily be made.

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