Saturday, November 9, 2013

being that morning

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I don't mind sleeping over at my boyfriend's house; it's just the waking up and dealing with the real world in the morning that I hate. But I guess I hate that no matter where I wake up. Haha!

Well, either way, the secret for those who find these selves waking up in a bed that isn't yours is to be ready. To be well prepared. It's the reason I have such a huge purse. It carries everything I ever would want or need. (Tooth brush, cap stick, rings, necklace, leggings, underwear, etc.)

Ladies (or gentlemen) don't apologie for your big purse or bag. Just quote the one and only basket-case from The Breakfast Club when asked why you have so much stuff in your bag: "Because you don't know when you gotta jam."

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Not to mention, I didn't get any sleep last night. I was up all night from a terrible cough. But like I've always said "Look better than how you feel."

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Purse (Nordstrom) Leggings (Target - keep a pair in my purse) $9.00
Tee Shirt (boyfriend's - work with what you have or can steal/borrow)
Sweater (Levi's) $15.00 x Leather Jacket ($4.00)
Shoes (Macy's)

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