Friday, September 2, 2011

The Good, the Better, & the Best: Summer 2011

Aww September! How I missed you. You must know by now I love fall. And as summer is coming to an end I've been mad cheesy and looking back at how good it actually was. I feel like I always think "This summer was alright." But then I look back at pictures and videos and realize "Hey! I did a lot."

Some highlights:
-First summer being 21
-Free styled in front of Donald Glover
-Meet Amber Tamblyn
-Went to Boston and competed as a poet at NPS
-Celebrated my best friend's 21st birthday
-Celebrated my mother's 60th Birthday.
-Went to Karaoke 4 times!
-Was hired to do some great music promos
-Blue Scholars Show
-Sister's graduation
-Made some new friends/business partners

The list really could go on and on.

I have to say I have grown a lot this summer and I am now more than ready for all the opportunities coming my way. I got my trips planned out for LA and New York. So let's do it BIG, shall we?

Pants - (Forever 21) $7.00
Shirt - (Freebie from GOODS for the Ray-Ray Music Video -- I of course cut the neck out.)
Jean Vest - (Freebie) Found it at a party

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