Thursday, May 17, 2012

Gala Opening Night

(This post is a double feature)

Part One: The AM

Tonight is the Seattle International Film Festival opening night. I worked today so I planned my outfit last night so I can go home, shower, and jump right in to it. I of course will have the best date tonight! My best J.Mena. So excited but nervous. Nervous why?

becayse the trailer I edited and made for City Arts Magazine will be opening the film tonight. Which means I freaking out.....

The AM

 photo theAM_zpsd62de514.jpg
shoes - (nordstrom rack) $25.00
tank top - (Target - 3 for $9 pack)
cardigan - gift
necklace - (Goodwill) $1.00

Part two: The PM
OK! I am girly. But at the age of 22 I finally bought my FIRST pair of heels. I am 5' 11" so I am always scared to wear heels because I am so freaking tall. But tonight... I thought why not. Oh, yeah I also wore a dress. CRAZY! 

 photo Siffopening_zps2f581988.jpg

Sequin Jacket - (Married To The Mob: PLNDR) $20.00
dress - (H&M) my sister got it for me because she thought I don't own enough dresses
heels - FIRST PAIR OF HEELS! (DSW) $30.00 
necklace - (Goodwill) $1.00

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