Tuesday, December 11, 2012

don't be too bummed.


My beloved and beautiful laptop Stella has died. It's so sad. She was 7 years old ("vintage" in Apple terms) so I think it was about time. Just sucks because this computer was a beast. It had been dropped from a two story building, had water damage AND was ran over by a car. Oh, Stella. How we've been through so much.


On the "brighter" side I got a new laptop. On the non-brighter side I am broke because of it. I also spent 3.5 hours in the apple store. I was going crazy. But hey! You win some, you lose some.

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But I am not going to bummed because I am home, got a grapefruit, movies and a bag of carmel corn that I do not have to share with anyone! It feels good.

Yes I am one of those girls who rocks coco butter. The boys always stop me.

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The people at the apple store where highly impressed by my iPhone case and my jordan's. One of the guys said I was the coolest customer of the day. (Which sadly didn't get a you a discount.)

Side note: I love this sweater because of the elbow patches I added too, how cozy it is and the flicks of neon color in the thread. It's the littlest details that make things that much better.

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detroit pistons jordans
Leather Leggings (American Apparel) $16.00
DIY Elbow Patch Sweater (Urban Outfitters) $8.00
Army Jacket (Army Surplus) $5.00
H&M necklace

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